Obligation retrieval the client and/or agent is not authorised. Mtd-12

Absolute Excel VAT Filer  

If filing for the first time:

The most common reason that HMRC return this message is when the client and/or agent is not registered with HMRC for MTD or, if when logging into your HMRC account the details have been entered incorrectly or, the VAT number you are filing for has been entered incorrectly.

If it is your first time filing under Making Tax Digital, it can take up to 72 hours for HMRC to complete the MTD registration process. When it is complete, they will send you a confirmation email. Have you had the confirmation email? If not, please wait until it arrives and then re-submit your return.

If you have had your confirmation email then this would suggest the VAT number you are filing for has not been entered correctly. Please check the VAT number you have entered ensuring it doesn’t contain any spaces, hyphens or anything other than 9 digits. A common occurrence is where a client has entered the letter O instead of the number 0 (zero).

If filing as an agent please check that your client is not only registered for MTD but is also registered to your agent account.

If you have previously filed successfully:

If you have been filing successfully and are now receiving this message it will be because the 18 month authority period you originally granted Absolute to interact with HMRC has now lapsed and you will need to regrant authority. If filing as an agent log into your Agent Services accounts (ASA) NOT your normal Government Gateway account and regrant authority for Absolute to interact with HMRC.

If you click on this link it should take you to the appropriate log in page https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sign-in-to-your-agent-services-account 

Please note that when you regrant authority it takes immediate effect. When you click to submit it will take you through to the HMRC website. At the bottom of the first page click Continue and then log in. The log in details need to be the Agent Services Account (ASA) details, NOT your normal gateway account. You then need to follow the onscreen prompts to regrant the authority.

If you are filing as an individual, not an agent, you will need to remove the authority from your HMRC account before filing through the Absolute Excel VAT Filer. To do this log into your HMRC account and choose to remove authority for Absolute Excel VAT Filer. Once done you need to ensure you log out of your HMRC account before clicking to submit. When you choose the option to submit it will take you through to the HMRC website and at the bottom of the first page click Continue. You will then be prompted to log in so you need to then enter your HMRC credentials and you will be sent an access code that you need to enter and follow the on screen prompts. This will regrant the authority for a further 18 months.