Obligation retrieval the client and/or agent is not authorised. Mtd-12

Absolute Excel VAT Filer  

There are three things to check if you get the message Client and/or Agent is not registered.

  • You have not registered with HMRC for MTD.
  • Check that the VAT number is shown correctly on the VAT return tab of the Absolute Excel VAT Filer.
  • You are using the incorrect HMRC login details.

From October 2023 HMRC have changed how agents migrate existing clients from the online Agent Account to the ASA (Agent Services Account) for MTD for VAT.  For any client that the migration has not yet been made the agent must use the digital handshake within the ASA. The agent will generate a link in the ASA that is set to the client to authorise, giving the agent full access for the client.

Any new client will need to be set up via the ASA by the agent in the usual manner.