VAT Submission Unsuccessful The Absolute Accounting Software username or password provided is incorrect. Please check your Absolute Excel VAT filer spreadsheet cells C29 and C30 Mtd-56

Absolute Excel VAT Filer  

The username and password in cells C29 and C30 of the VAT Filer are system generated when you purchased the product and assigned to the email address as entered on the order. As they are system generated, they cannot be incorrect. The VAT Filer username and password would have been emailed to you when you purchased the product. The email would have been sent to the email address you entered on your order. You can also access the username and password via your online portal account. To access this click HERE and sign into your account. Once logged in you can go to contacts, click the name and then select the tab at the top for licence. This will show the username and password needed for cells C29 and C30 on the VAT Filer spreadsheet.

Receiving this message does suggest that the username and / or password have been entered incorrectly. There have been instances where a client has entered a lower case l (el) rather than the capital letter I (eye) so that would be worth checking too. We have also had cases where a space has been captured before or after the password, if it has been copied and pasted, and this has caused the rejection.

We would recommend you delete the entries in cells C29 and C30 of the VAT return tab and re-key them manually taking care to ensure they are entered exactly and try your submission again.