Obligation retrieval - the HMRC server has indicated that no associated data is found Mtd-18

Absolute Excel VAT Filer  

The unsuccessful message ‘no associated data’ you are getting is most commonly caused when HMRC put a hold on the account, this can be for something as simple as a query on the address.

The simplest way to check is to log on to your HMRC account and see if it lets you 'view return' if it states that it is processing then it means that the change is still being applied to your account and you will need to try again at a later point.

However, we have also had reports from a few customers where HMRC have returned this message when a submission is done twice in quick succession and the first submission is currently being processed and not yet complete. It can take up to 48 hours for HMRC to complete a submission. To check if your return has successfully filed, you can log into your client portal and click submissions.  

To do this click https://www.absoluteexcelvatfiler.co.uk/members/account/login and enter your log in details. Please note these will be different from your VAT Filer username and password in cells C29 and C30 of the spreadsheet (unless you have previously made these the same).

If it is your first time logging into the client portal you will need to click forgot password / reset password and then enter your email address. We will email you a link to set up the password for the client portal. Please check any spam or junk folders that you have as the email can sometimes go into these. Once logged into the portal you can click Submissions to see what periods have been successfully filed with HMRC.




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