Can I use VAT Filer for another company, and if so how do I do this? Mtd-73

Absolute Excel VAT Filer  

The licences for the VAT Filer are sold in batches of 10 allowing you to file for up to 10 unique VAT numbers. The licence runs for 12 months from when you first successfully file your first VAT number.

To use the software for a further company, you can either download a fresh copy of the VAT Filer spreadsheet to have a separate copy per company or you can use the same copy to list all companies and submissions.

If you want to continue using the one spreadsheet, you would open the Absolute Excel VAT Filer and click the data link tab in the bottom left hand corner. You can then click into the next blank row and this will move the link cells (and link import sheet if you are running the Windows version) buttons down to that row. You would then link to the source file for the next company in the same way.

The VAT Filer username and password entered into cells C29 and C30 will remain the same for all submissions, so if you do download a fresh copy of the spreadsheet for each company you will just need to enter the details into those two cells.


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